Rob Kearney

A five location whirlwind shoot with rugby player Rob Kearney and journalist Eoin Butler. The brief was to shoot them hanging out for the day together in various locations and then do a studio cover shot with them as The Odd Couple, like the old TV show. While I had Rob in the studio, I asked him if I could take a few images of him too, which he kindly agreed to.

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Bressie, a new shoot.

Another cover shoot with Bressie for Hot Press. I shot him in the Hot Press offices, where they have a studio set up in a spare room.

I’d forgotten how tall Bressie is, he’s huge, 6′ 6″, 1.98m! I had taped a grey paper backdrop to the wall before he arrived, thinking it was high enough, it wasn’t, but I kind of like the way you can see the edges and the gaffer tape. Bressie was a pleasure to shoot, very willing to try anything and had a great selection of clothes with him. 

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MuchLoved the book!!!


I am very excited to announce that I have signed a publishing deal for my MuchlLoved project.

MuchLoved will be published by Abrams on Oct 29th 2013. It will be a full 4 colour hardback book containing 60 photographs along with stories and memories from their owners. ISNB:  978-1-4197-1012-4

I have been very busy photographing lots of new amazing looking loved to bits teddies and other soft toys. I have been inundated with possible candidates with some being FedEx’d from America and Europe. Though to be honest, I’ve had loads of enquiries from around the world, but once they realise they would have to send their special little friend, most won’t do it.

Abrams are America’s preeminent illustrated book publishers, who have published many of the most amazing photographic books, including Richard Avedon’s classic, Into the American West.  We are still going back and forward with the cover and text etc, but here’s a possible cover.


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Guggi in his studio

I am a big fan of Guggi’s work, so this was a pleasure. Olaf Tyaransen was interviewing Guggi for Hot Press on the occasion of the launch of his new exhibition at the Kerlin Gallery. I was waiting to photograph him after the interview and by chance more than anything, I ended up sitting in on the interview. Guggi was so eloquent and clear with his thoughts on everything, it was a joy to listen to. I was constantly thinking, that’s what I think too! I’m always in awe of people who can say exactly what they mean in the fewest possible words.

While listening I was also thinking about how I could shoot him. As I looked around at all the bits and pieces in his studio and at the way he was hunched over the Super Ser heater, I realised that would make a good shot. As he kept lighting his roll up cigarette, I saw another shot, maybe with one of his paintings in the background. Guggi was very easy to photograph and couldn’t have been more hospitable. He even gave me an invitation the launch and I met loads of people I hadn’t seen for a while, including his best mate, Bono.

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Fiona O’Shaughnessy

A 1940′s inspired shoot with the beautiful actress Fiona O’Shaughnessy for The Irish Independent’s Weekend Magazine.

It was fascinating working with an actress like Fiona in a fashion shoot setting. She brought so much life to each setting and really thought about what she wanted to project. Fiona has the most amazing cheekbones and can look completely different with just a slight turn of the head. We worked with the iPad as we shot and we would go back and refine a certain pose or look, but often it was the first spontaneous shot that worked best. I loved the fact that she loved the quirky shots as much as I did, especially the with her rubbing her eyes and scrunching up her face. It was very much a collaboration and I enjoyed it very much.



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Terry O’Neill

It was an honour to photograph the legendary photographer Terry O’Neill. Terry has photographed everyone from Winston Churchill to Daniel Craig in a career spanning over 50 years. Like a lot of people, me included, he hates having his photograph taken, but he gracefully submitted. He told me his favourite subject (and friend) was Frank Sinatra and his least favourite shoot was with Steve McQueen, who wasn’t a happy bunny that particular day.

legendary photographer Terry O'Neill

Terry O’Neill photographed by Mark Nixon

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A shoot with Kathryn Thomas

This was a cover shoot for Weekend magazine. Kathryn arrived with her hair and make-up already done and looked stunning. She has the most amazingly clear eyes, the whites of her eyes are completely white, no bloodshot veins or yellowing as you’ll find with with almost everyone, apart from babies and very young children.

She was a pleasure to shoot, looked different in all the shots and was very relaxed in front of the camera. I look forward to working with her again.

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Major feature in German View Magazine

View Magazine in Germany, which is a subsidiary of Stern Magazine,  have just published a major feature on my MuchLoved project. Spread over 7 pages and a quarter of the front cover.

Originally they asked if the teddy owners could send a photo of themselves, but I thought it would look much better if I brought them into the studio and photographed them with the same background as I used for the teddy bears. They liked this idea and so I began calling everyone.

At the first shoot, with Shane & Bobo, I was struck by how small Bobo was. I had remembered him being much larger, but since the original shoot was about 1.5 years ago I had forgotten. So, I decided at that point to photograph the owners with their teddies so you could get an idea of the scale and also get a feeling of the relationship between owner and teddy.

In the end, they printed the people very small, but I think you still get the idea.


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MuchLoved goes viral

Update 12th Feb 2013. Today Muchloved has just gone over 4 million hits!

Update 14th Dec 2012. Today MuchLoved has just gone over 3 million hits!

What an amazing 10 days this has been. I have had 1.5 million hits on my website in the last 10 days!

My MuchLoved exhibition has been featured on sites and blogs across the world. On one day alone there were 6,500 unique visitors!

From Iceland to Venezuela, China to Peru, it’s just crazy.

It’s been a real insight into how the web works. First  ”the coolest photoblog on the web” featured it, that was then picked up by a big blogsite and that was it, off it went and it’s still going.

Some sites and blogs asked permission, which I was more than happy to give,  but most just took it from either mine or another site, sometimes writing their own text, others just copying the text too. Some Chinese sites even put their own watermark on the images, to stop other sites taking “their” images.

Normally, I would control the use of my images as much as anyone can these days, but with this project, I wanted it to be seen by as many people as possible and as long as someone isn’t using it commercially I am happy for it to go as far and wide as possible.

Some of the Google translations are hilarious too. “each only broken rotten bear doll because over many years received his master deep love that they are so really a very strange the terror I actually still warm!” and ”They may look ugly to our eyes , but each is very loved by his owner, he adds”.  Actually I didn’t say that, because they never asked

The exhibition in my studio finishes on Sat (1st Dec) and probably 200 people have come in to see it, but there are thousands and thousands of people all over the world looking at it, loving it, commenting on it, sharing it.

Click on a thumbnail to view all these sites.


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First and Last cover shoot for Dubliner Magazine.


This was my very first shoot for Dubliner magazine and I thought it could be the start of something beautiful, as they were up for spending some time to make a good cover. But along with it’s release today is the message that it’s the last issue! Damn shame.

As far as the shoot itself went, this was a difficult one for a number of reasons.

For a start, I couldn’t quite figure out in my head how I was going to create the final composition of 3 comedians and 3 “strippers” without it looking too crowded or a complete mess.

The club is on a street where there is absolutely nowhere to pull in and park, the only nearby place was blocked off for a concert, I double parked there to unload and got away with it.

The “stripper pole” I had been told was there, of course wasn’t! Yes, there was a pole, in a tight corner, outside, with direct sun and half a rooftop in the background, with enough roof for maybe 2 people and nowhere to shoot from. Not exactly the club vibe I had pictured in my head. So I went looking.

There was another crew shooting an ad downstairs in the actual club and they had another area for changing. Unusually, the girl with the clipboard was really nice and said we could shoot in the side they were changing in. So, while I set up lights, the Dead Cat Bounce boys went looking for a suitable pole. They came back with a builders rusty pole, which I covered in tinfoil and they held in place throughout the shoot, as if it was attached to the ceiling.( I photoshopped in a fake ceiling bracket afterwards)

The composition took a while to figure out, but we got there in the end, both the DCB lads and the Assets models were very patient and Katie from the Dubliner was a great help in reassuring the girls that they looked fab and in offering suggestions (not usually a good thing).

So I’m sorry to see it go. It’s out today only, free with the Evening Herald, so get yourself a copy if you can, it’s the final issue.

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